Sunday, November 14, 2010

The 40 club!!

The long time between blogs was one of computer and connection problems, work, and a celebration of life. Computer problems aside, life has been very wonderful. 
In October, I turned 40 years young and became a member of an exclusive club. A love for me was shown to me globally as I had many of my friends from the U.S. call, email, and FaceBook me earthday wishes along with my students and my new friends here. Since my school celebrated international day that very same day, word got out to many of the people and I received more earthday wishes from the international community represented here. The day was filled with excitement and the night only got better as I had friends who celebrated and toasted with me into the week-end.
As I continue to look thru these 40 year old lenses of mine, I have been so grateful for the opportunities that life has presented to me. Being loved by a wealth of friends and family, traveling to many parts of the world raising my awareness of people and cultures, and increasing my level of Spirit because of that awareness and love, has allowed me to grow exponentially.
I continue to grow and the blessings are in abundance. I thank everyone for the love and support that you have shown me as I continue to manifest here in Tegucigalpa. Peace!!

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