Monday, August 9, 2010

My 1st week!!!

My first week in Honduras was one of optimism, excitement, and joy!!! As my plane soared thru the sky, I wondered what my first day in Tegucigalpa would be like!?! Would it be excitement, would I be nervous, or a combination of both!?! I was not scared or fearful b/c I fear none but God, and it's essence solidiffied in my heart that all would be well!!! As we soared thru the clouds, I began to see mountains covered with lush green grass, shrubbery, and trees!! My peeps in Marshall, TX would appreciate that the majority of the trees that I have seen on the country side was pine trees!! Ahhh, the piney woods!!!
Nonetheless, the landing was a good one, but one that was very short!!! As soon as we hit the ground, we breaked very suddenly!!! I have read, and one of my teacher friends has backed this fact, that Tegucigalpa has one of the shortest runways in the world and is second only to some airport in Pakistan!!! Did I just here their was a plane crash in Pakistan? Well, our pilot had skills and guided us into the terminal w/out any problems!!! Tegus began to open itself to me by allowing to see its people, businesses, and homes a stone throw from the plane!!! Yes, if someone wanted to, they could climb the fence and run onto the runway and hitch a ride on the plane!!! After gathering my things, it was up, to, and thru customs!! After a great convo with the customs agent, I recieved my first stamp into my passport, yeahhhhhh! The first of many was my first thought!!! After meeting my driver, the secondary principal, and her daughter, I was off to my apartment!!! There, I was greeted by my new landlord(who hooked me up w/dishes, a microwave[which I've yet to use;I don't like microwaving my food], silverware, new sheets, etc. He's tha man!! Next, I was taken to the mall(yes, the mall is very modern and looks like any mall in the US), but I wasn't taken to the mall to sight see or buy clothes, I was taken there to buy groceries!!! Yes, the mall has a full scale grocery store and has alot of American products!!! After leaving the mall and going back to my new apartment, I decided I needed to take a nap!! After I awoke, my new neighbors began to bang on the door!!! I was greeted by the mother of the family that lives under me and who aparently owns the building. FYI, my apartment has several businesses within it and only one family(the owners) who live there!!! It is about 3 stories high and I(along w/the family, have access to the roof which I have the ability to see the city from every angle!!! I will shoot pics later b/c I now have a new BB and I can update pics w/ease!! Anyway, half awake, I decifered that the family wants me to accopmany them to Valle de Angeles, a popular tourist destination where tourists, as well as locals, goto shop, eat, and buy local art!!! It was very nice, old, and enchanting!!! Along the way, we visited a roadside cafe(think a shed with just a roof built into the mountain) where I ate rosted corn, broiled corn, and corn patties!!! The corn patties were awesome!! The corn patties were made from stripped corn on the cob mashed into a bowl. From the bowl, it is litley fried golden brown  and then served w/ brown sugar on top; YUMMY!!! I've been consecutive week-ends now and my friends are soo jealous that I have been twice already!! Nonetheless, I was treated to the local fare of pupusas(a flour tortilla w/beans, cheese, and or pork w/ cabbage, and sweet onions). Of course, I had the bean pupusas and it was YUMMY!!! After hanging with them for most of the afternoon, I went back home and slept!!! I have learned to goto bed early b/c I have not been hanging out unitl i get to tknow the city!!! My new neighbors telll me that the city is dangerous at nite and I should not be wondering around until I get to know it better. I heed their warning and am touched by their concern!!!
The next day was my first day of going to my new place of employment: Discovery School!!! Here, I was reaquainted with my Director(the person who hired me) and the new teachers. My new teachers are from Des Moines, IA(yes, Iowa), Canada, and Poland, respectively!! Very nice people who I already have alot of love for!!!
Discovery is a private school with a American based curriculuum nestled in the hills of Tegus!!!! It is very modern and the view is breathtaking!!! Again, pics to come soon!!
All students speak English and learn in English, so their is no big push for me to be Spanish fluent at this moment!!! Yes, I am learning and expect to be having major conversations in Spanish sooner than later!!! I have visited many restaurants, and have tasted many dishes!!! Most of mine have been of the bean and rice variety, but we did goto a nice gourmet sandwhich shop where I had a sauteed eggplant sandwhich, again, YUMMY!!! All in all, I am enjoying my experience here in Tegucigalpa!! The people are very warm and friendly!! They are more than willing to help me and my friends in any way possible, especially with the language!!! I almost forgot, I have already been to my first futbol(soccer) match and it was very fun!!! THink of all the images that U see on TV and then some!!!  I also have been to a giant farmers market!!! If U live in Dallas, think the Farmers Market, but with  200 more farmers with mad fruits and vegetables!! U can buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables at cheap negotiable prices along with raw meat, fish, milk, eggs, spices, furniture, clothes, juice, cooked foods, and much, much more!!! Okay, I'll finish for now, but so far, soooo gooood in Tegus!!! Peace and love!!!


  1. Wow I love it...and I am so glad that you are having a great time and blessed to experience other cultures. Also glad you set up a blog:)

    I'm sure you will be doing some capoeira on the beach real soon...I'm proud of you for pursuing your dreams...

    peace, love & blessings


  2. I hope to run into you on your international journey! You should check out the international doctorate program at the Uni of Minnesota....3 years of 4-5 week classes in residency at the U Monday-Friday from 8-5 in the summers, then online in the Fall and Spring. I highly recommend this program.