Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A month later!!!

A month later finds me in a better mood than the previous weeks. Most of U, my friends, are reading this blog and are asking yourselves, "what is it that has this brotha in a mood, and he is actually writing about it?" Well, it all began with a  journey up the mountains to Valle de Angeles to have a fabulous week-end of rest, relaxation, and yes, a little bit of partying. My Canadian & Polish friends had taken off to goto this small, but eccentric artsy town to getaway for a week-end. They gave me a call and  said come-on up and enjoy b/c their was a siesta advertised and it should be an experience. It was!!
We started the evening with food(a blend of Honduran & Asian food), and a few drinks of rum and Canadian Mist at a local eatery(I don't remember the name of it). While sitting, sipping, and enjoying each others company, we began to here the bass of Reggaeton and figured that the party was about to begin. We walked to the party and saw that it was surrounded by hard legs by the door. At this point, we decided that more drinks were needed until the party revved up. After throwing down about 4-5 brewskis, we went back to a much livelier set. They played a variety of Honduran joints, Reggae, Reggaeton, and a little bit of HiP-HoP!!! I was agast with amazement of the joints that the selector was playing!!
Nonetheless, we partied on to tha break of dawn, and staggered our way back to our hotel. After waking, and conversing with my friends, I crunk up the moto(yes I have a motorcycle) and made my way back to Tegus. After a few stops to take pics(on FaceBook) I made it into town and was excited that I WAS gonna make it before it rained(again, Tegus and Honduras in general is in the rainy season[hurricane season is the rainy season]). Unfortunately, that is not the case. In my last blog, I said I was gonna talk about the driving of the people of Honduras.
The taxis, which seem to be the majority of the cars on the road at most times, can be seen breaking every traffic law known to man and friends living in the United States. These cats, along with others, can be seen passing traffic on the wrong side of the road, if they are turning from a side street, they will block the lane of oncoming traffic in order to make there turn. Futhermore, taxis will stop in the middle of the street to pick-up a fare, or let the passenger out. All cars will run red lights, and blow thru most stop signs, and they blow their horns, no matter what at anyone, as if they were back in NYC back in the day. Motos, the most behaved of all the drivers, can do as they please b/c of the size of it. We can weave thru all traffic, and again, run most lights.
Now, back to me on the bike as the rain was about to come down. As I was approaching my apt, which was less than a mile and a half miles away, a taxi decides that he wants to stop in the middle of the road to pick-up the invisible man, or woman. This particular street narrows b/c its beginning to do a round-about, and send U in a series of different directions b/c of the design of the neighborhood. Because of the rain,  and my inability to go around the cab b/c of the wall that begins the round-about, I jammed on the breaks, the front wheel turned sharply, and for the second time in my life, witnessed myself flying thru the air to the concrete. Fucking stupid ass taxi, I growled while I briefly laid on the street!! As he drove away, I could see his ass adjusting his mirror looking at me as I scraped myself off the wet concrete. Hondurans began yelling at the taxi as some hurried over to ask me was I alright. U say how do U know if they were asking U if U were alright. As my belief in the Creator has shown how great its essence is, the woman who came over with her elderly mother just so happens to speak English and tells everyone, including the police(who were quick on the scene, and helped me pull my bike off the street) that I was alright. After I exchanged as many pleasantries as I could muster, the women walked off and I jump back on my leaking gas moto and headed home. Yes, I was able to make it home, but at this point feeling like I just got run over by Adrian Peterson and smelling like gas. What a fucking day, I remembered after such a fantastic evening.
Unbelieveable, right? This is the reason for the mood, including a huge swollen knee, a giant strawberry on my shoulder, and multiple scrapes on my arm, and knees. Thru it all, I sucked it up and did not miss a day of school. Big shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Fink for taking me to school while my knee did some serious healing. I couldn't have done it with-out your support.
As of today and right now, my knee is still a little swollen, but my shoulder is completely healed and I have resumed working-out. No capoeira or running at this time, but hopefully soon.
School is getting easier by the day, and we are about to celebrate Honduran Independence Day with a 5 day week-end. Yes, a 5 day week-end!!! I am looking to goto the coast of Honduras and lay myself on the beaches of the island of Roatan; wish me luck.
I was able to go out this past Thursday and see one of the great voices of Honduras: Mr. Guillermo Anderson. Even though I didn't understand alot of his words, I did recognize the love, the joy, and the happiness of his heart. Also, I was finally able to scope the musical scene of Tegus and meet some of its movers and shakers. Talking to one of my new friends, I quickly discovered that Tegus has a great capoeira grupo that I am excited to see and meet.
Even though I was befell my a minor tragedy, I quickly blamed myself for all that happened, learned the lesson of it, and put myself back into my happy place. Being mad, upset, and stressed about my injuries wasn't gonna allow them to heal, and keeping myself in a state of blame was not gonna allow me to receive any blessings that were to come thereafter. As I continue on my journey in Honduras, I look to find much more joy within it, thus allowing myself to reap more of the blessings. Isn't that what life is all about?? Live the life U love; I am!!! Peace!!!!

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  1. OMG! I am happy to hear that you are ok. Be careful...uum um um